Find a hobby already!

So, there is a fine line between being a teacher and being a normal person. Now, if you are not a teacher, you will not get this, but if you are, you will. I don’t make sense. I know. So, I will make it simple. When you are a teacher, it’s hard to switch off. So, you are a teacher 24/7. The same goes for anyone who loves their job and takes it home with them.

For the past few months, I had been complaining, even whining about how I work all day, I had no free time, yada, yada, yada. It was my choice. I love my job, but yet I complain. It’s a thing I do.  I decided to find time and do something I liked or at least try something new. My friends suggested taking up painting. And we did. Apart from the fact that my teacher has her studio right opposite The Body shop and Sephora (how cool is that?) which allowed me to do my 2nd favourite thing, shop, I also found out that I really liked painting/drawing. Seriously. Time flew.  I spent 90 mins drawing and they were the most ‘into’ something I have been for a while.

I go to class feeling a bit idle, lazy. Then I start drawing and it’s fantastic!! Of course, I am not going to turn into a painter any time soon, but I am doing something I like and learning at the same time. My conclusion?If you find work has taken over, get a hobby. I can promise you this, when I am painting, I am not thinking about work.

Bedroom in Arles

                                              Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles  Picture taken from here  

The end product of my hobby: My 1st drawing

I adapted Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles (picture above). Only mine is a ‘girlie’ teacher room. That’s what my painting teacher said when she saw what I had changed. Instead of drawing a glass, a jug and a brush on the table (see original), I drew a book and a pair of glasses (instinctively) which of course goes back to the first paragraph of this post.

My 1st drawing

My drawing

I love painting and cannot wait to start my painting lessons this year. This hobby has changed the way I view things. It has not only helped me to avoid burnout, but I also learnt something very important.

Even if someone tells you that you can’t do something, but you feel you can, do it.

I have no idea what the colours. I am partially colourblind. I do not know how well my colours match. I used what I learnt about colours, my teacher helped me, and I made something, even though I thought I couldn’t! Yes, there are loads of imperfections, and of course it could be ten times better but.. who cares? I did it 😀 Here is my first painting, and as I am colour blind, this is ‘my mountain’ and I kinda climbed it! Yay!

2015-05-19 13.16.41

My perfect imperfection

So, two birds with one stone. I have a hobby, something that makes me forget about work, and I am pushing myself. Therefore lovelies, if you think work has taken over your life, find something you like, find time to do it, and do it!

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Talk soon


This is an adapted version of a post that appeared in my educational blog (myeltrambles).



15 thoughts on “Find a hobby already!

  1. Your painting is awesome! So glad you found a hobby that you enjoy so much. For me, it’s ballet. I’ve been doing it since I was little, but took a break once I got married and had kids. Now, I’m back in the studio at least once a week, and I love it.

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  2. My hobby is singing, but I don’t have a great voice. I’m actually a frustrated singer but there are times that I lose hope. But after reading your post, I may try to practice again by watching tutorials on YouTube.

    I used to draw animè characters before, but I’m not good without any image reference in front of me. Your painting is beautiful! That takes time and patience. Even if being partially colourblind could be a hindrance from painting a picture, you didn’t give up and went for it — and the result is beautiful 🙂


    • Thank you :). You shouldn’t give up on the things you like. If you enjoy singing, go for it. Even if you don’t become the next Beyonce or Madonna, who cares? At least you are having fun with it. I think we get so caught up in being perfect that we don’t allow ourselves to do things that may be imperfect but make us conent.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I really enjoyed reading this Joanna and really admire you for having a go when you’re colour blind. Your painting looks great and you can be truly proud of what you’ve pulled off. I used to paint ceramics many years ago and I remember how scared and tentative I was at my first class. The greenware is like chalk and very fragile and I have poor coordination. However, I did it quite seriously for a few years until we moved away from the studio. These days, I learn the violin and pick up an adult dance class once a term. I have a severe autoimmune disease which attacks my muscles so am quite surprised I can do any kind of dance. I’m usually the most “challenged” in the class but I don’t care. I love it. Meanwhile, my daughter does about 6 hours of dance a week and could pursue a professional career. She also loves Sephora and wants me to take her there on her birthday on Saturday. I feel very uncomfortable in there but it’s starting to feel more familiar. Last time I was there, I photographed the incredible names of many of the products. After all, I am a writer first and foremost! xx Rowena


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