How do you plan your blog posts?

It is Saturday morning and I am sitting in front of my computer, planning my blog posts, looking at my stats, and setting blog/blogger goals.

My planning

Before I invest in a bloggers planner,which looks very pretty and is on my wish list, I thought I would try to see if I will stick to planning posts and trying to promote my blog. At the moment, I am more of a wannabe beauty and lifestyle blogger than anything else. I have a zillion of blog post ideas, I have been signing up for all sorts of social media applications and widgets, but I have no idea if I will be able to pull through with a full-time job (English teacher) and a second blog (yes, I am also an educational blogger, have been for 3 years actually. Check that out here). So, after this long ramble, I am getting to the point of today’s post. Planning.

What did I plan?

I used my Teneues planner and went to the notes page at the end of the planner. I then used a few stickers from FruVesasPrintables to make the page more pretty. One page was dedicated to blog posts I want to write in October, and the other to blog data and statistics.


On one page, I wrote down all my blog post ideas (posts that are already in draft form and others that are ideas). I also wrote down the week I want them to be ready and published. The second page has details about my page views, my most popular post, where I get traffic from, followers on my blog and social media followers. I also have my goals for October. I have a section for the money I made from my blog (nothing so far :p).

blogpost planner

Troubles: what on earth am I doing?

I really need to understand Pinterest cause at the moment that’s my most neglected site. I also am wondering whether I should mention in my About page when I publish what. Something like a preview. What about my header? Should I invest in it and get someone to make a proper one (logo)? Do I move to self-hosted website or should I wait and see how I go? I need to work on my photo- taking skills as well. What about a giveaway? How will I set it up? When do I do it? Now or later on?

Trying to juggle a lot of things. Let’s see how that works. At the moment, things are going well.

Oh! By the way, how do you plan your blog posts? Any ideas? Any suggestions? Leave a comment in the section below.

I am leaving with a song that adds sound to my troubled thoughts cause i luv me some drama as well.

Talk soon lovelies

❤   ❤


22 thoughts on “How do you plan your blog posts?

  1. I have a planner specifically for blogging and YouTube planning. But with life I feel like I plan a bunch of stuff and then I’m totally interrupted by everything and just don’t follow through. But winding down 2015 I’m stepping up my game and setting up everything to be wonderfully smooth come 2016 (which I can’t believe is really just around the corner!)


    • I know!! I like planning but I don’t always stick to my plan. The good thing is that when you forget to do something, you can move it to the next week 🙂 so no prob.
      Thanks for stopping by xxx


  2. You made me think a lot abouty blog. I do not plan but maybe I should. I too want to add beauty,lifestyle and fashion into my blog. Good luck with your organizing. However I think that you will make it if you already have one successful blog.


  3. Great post!! I have a planner that I plan posts in – I try to plan at least 2-3 weeks ahead that way I can get a jump start on writing, editing and taking photos. When I come up with ideas, it’s usually at the most random times so I have a note in my phone that I write ideas down in and it’s grown SO much which is great for times that you’re having writers block – you can go pick an idea from your list and try and go off of that : )
    xo Adriana – Daily Dose of Design


  4. I bought a blog planner and never use it. My partner/daughter and I Skype once a month to plan our editorial calendar. I use a regular monthly calendar devoted strictly to the blog. I do a personal planning session each week so can review my editorial calendar and then I add what I have to do to my workhorse regular planner, including things like ingredients to buy, photo’s to take, when to upload a post, etc. It’s just my routine. Having all those extra planners sounded nice to me but they were too much for me to keep up with.


  5. I have a very disorganized organizational system LOL. I have post-it notes, notebooks, notes in my iPhone, and a Google docs spreadsheet where I keep To Do lists and write down blog post ideas, things I want to look into to improve my blog, blogs I want to look at/read, etc. It’s a bit overwhelming at times.


    • I know!! That’s why I try to put stuff down in my planner. I also have a notepad next to my bed and put those in my planner later on as well!!! 🙂


  6. I keep a notebook with blog ideas written inside. I’m such a planner that I didn’t make my first post until I had 100 ideas. I plan out two weeks in advance, which means on Mondays I add the following week based on season, current events, things I am doing soon. When I use an idea from the notebook I date the first entry and add another idea to the notebook. I plan a cook/photograph day, a write and edit day, and a social media day. I may be too organized for my own good.


    • 100 ideas? Wow!!! That’s great!!! I think I need to be even more organised cause I have two blogs to juggle!!! A day for photography and social media. I like that idea. I think I will do the same a bit later on.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  7. I am definitely trying to get myself into a good planning routine, as at the moment I write down an idea and go for it and don’t really plan much out! But I have been searching for ideas and pointers to see how others go about it, so great post!
    Of course juggling everything is always difficult!

    Kyah –


  8. I love seeing how everyone else stays organized! I have a planner specifically for my blog (then one for personal items and school) and it makes it so much easier to manage everything. I have my editorial calendar on the monthly spread and then my daily to do list on the weekly spread. Everything is BEYOND color coded. It’s a bit much, but I love having it so organized haha


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