Get ready with me//partially sighted

Hi everyone,

I have been watching Youtube makeup tutorials for a while and I really enjoy them, but they are not for me. What I mean is, I see titles like:

Makeup for glasses


Get ready with me in the dark

And I kinda cringe.

You see, I have registered as partially sighted (visually impaired) and have achromatopsia (rare color deficiency). I cannot relate.

When you cannot see well, makeup tutorials for people who wear glasses cannot be intricate coz well…. you cannot see. It is as simple as that!

I filmed a Get Ready With Me video and showed how I do my makeup.When I watched it I thought to myself,

Who will watch this amateur GRWM?

But then I thought,

this IS my reality.

And the reality of many, like me. So, I shared.


My focus is on the base (foundation). At the moment, I am using the Clinique Beyond Perfection foundation (I like it). I also choose a bold (ish) lip colour (I 😍 Clinique Pop).

My eyes usually have one colour on them. I usually use an eye shadow stick because they are easier to control and harder to mess up.

I use primers and setting sprays to hold the look together.

I do not really do smokey eyes or wings or yada, yada, yada.

Oh! And if someone is around, I ask them to check my makeup. See if everything is looking OK because I cannot seeeeeee.

You see, for me, putting on my makeup in the dark is kinda like a reality, NOT a fun YouTube click bait idea idea. So, if you are in the same boat as me, check out my video and maybe give me some tips. I will be back with more Get Ready With Me videos coz I need to be more descriptive.

This is the video

Let me know what you think.




Getting an unexpected diagnosis: the one about colourblindness

There I was. Shocked. Feeling a bit robbed. Questioning myself. How could I not know? The mind plays tricks on us.

I thought I was red/ green colourblind. Turns out I don’t see any colours.

I have achromatopsia (or some sort of incomplete achromatopsia).

I am what is known as colourblind. Literally. So, I don’t just mix up my colours. I actually don’t even see them! Or do I?


Colour is perception. Light, rays, rods and cones all join in to send a message to the brain. The brain then ‘sees’ the light/ colour. That is my simplistic explanation. A bunch of people see the same colour and give it a name…..


But now I know that what I thought was colour, was probably a tone or a texture, an illumination. My images are shades of grey, white, and black with an occasional dash of pink (or something….or nothing….).

How could I not know? What games was my mind playing on me?

I have all the symptoms of an achromat

Nystagmus (wobbly iris)


Photophobic/ photosensitive (I squint a lot and wear my sunnies all day long, even when there are clouds)

How I found out

I was so excited on Saturday. I was going to try these glasses that claimed to restore colour vision. You would put on the glasses and see colours. Of course, these glasses do not work on everyone (I was warned). I wanted to try them. But first, they needed to determine what type of coulourblindness I had. I did the tests and got the diagnosis.


Very rare (2000 people in the UK).

So, what do I do with this information?

I am still the same person.

That is what everyone is telling me.


You see colours your way.

That is what people tell me.

You still see the way you saw.

That is what everyone is telling me.

But I don’t. I don’t know what I see. I want to know what I can see. Still coming to terms with this. I have to adjust to a new normal. Was what I thought was pink or purple actually grey? Is everything grey? I am confused. Still confused.

Two days later.

Double cleansing: my fave cleansers

I am 42 years old and I may not be very persistent on my skincare routine, I mean I do wear creams and stuff, but I do forget, but I never , eva sleep with my makeup on!

I am 42 years old and have never slept with makeup on!! Neva, eva! I may forget to moisturise, but never to cleanse.

Today, I am going to talk about double cleansing and some of the products I love to use. Double cleansing is part of the Asian beauty regimen.


What is Double Cleansing ?

Using two products to clean your face, to take your makeup off. Usually the first product is oil based, so the makeup melts, and the second product will have water in it, it will be milder.

My favourite cleansers

I love using my L’real extraordinary oil to break down the makeup and then I go in with my simple foaming cleanser or some facial wipes. I know, I know, the beauty gurus are probably rolling  their eyes.

L'oreal cleansing oil

I then go in with my Garnier Micellar Gel to take the residue of the oil off my skin. I prefer the Micellar gel to the water because, first, I do not waste any product and second, it feels like I am actually cleaning/ washing my face.It does not sting or hurt. It does not leave my skin dry (although I do need to boost it a bit afterwards, so I do lather up with oils or creams).

garnier close

I also use facial wipes when I am in a hurry and then use the Micellar gel. In fact, the micellar gel is the product I use the most.

I made a video a while back where I talked in depth about double cleansing and went through loads of products. If you are intersted, do check out my YouTube video.

What cleansers do you use? Are you a fan of double cleansing? Let me know in the comments below.

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Greek Style Tacos

Hi lovelies,

While I am not a chef, I do cook from time to time and feel like my food is yummy and deserves a shout out. This is the case. I am sharing a video with my Greek Style Tacos/ gyros. So, if you like meatballs, tomato sauce, yogurt and taco boats (is that what they are called?), you  need to check out my video.

Bon appetite!!

Declutter……Yeah or Nah?

Trying to be successful on YouTube is hard. Defining what successful  is, is also something that cannot be easily gauged. I mean is it have 1K subbies, loads of views or just people commenting and giving love to your channel?

I uploaded my latest video yesterday and compared to other videos, it has been quite successful. So? Well, I was surprised cause it was a video I didn’t expect people to really like. I was wrong.

And the video is…..

Decluttering makeup

That got me thinking.Why do people like watching declutter videos?

Is it the feeling of feeling OK that you too are a hoarder like everyone else?

Is it reassuring to see that there are other messy people out there aka clutter fans?

Is it interesting to see what people think about products and what they genuinely like, therefore keep?

The reason must be somewhere there.

I, too, like decluttering videos mostly because they are reviews as well.

Makeup declutter.jpg

How do people decide what to keep and what goes?

Well, I usually keep products I have been using a lot. I also keep products I have not been using a lot simply because I have forgotten about them, which is why I decide to keep them, so that I can give them another job.

I also keep products I have paid loads of dosh on. They will get their worth out of them.

I chuck anything that I have had for ages (I do check the use by dates makeup products have  on them). I also chuck products that are painful or not performing well.

That’s my thought process. What’s yours? Do let me know in the comment section below. Here is my video by the way.

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Resolutions vs. To Do’s

Lots of people make New Year Resolutions, but I don’t and I will tell you why. I like setting goals and being productive, but I do not feel the need to make a list of goals for 2017 especially at the beginning of the year because I will probably disappoint myself in the end. You see….


I want to lose weight

Save money

Travel to exotic destinations

Learn new things/ start hobbies/ start a course

Be more social

Be productive and stop wasting time on stuff

But calling them resolutions?


And what is a resolution anyway?

It is,

a promise to yourself to do or to not do something

Cambridge Online Dictionary

So a promise. For me a promise is too La La landish. It doesn’t make me get things done. I prefer action. Planning, making lists, writing things down and feeling guilty when I do not end up doing them.Ah yes…. the guilt trip, such an underrated productivity incentive.

Just because it is the first of January, doesn’t mean my life is going to change and I am going to turn into a sports freak or a money saving gal. So, instead, I make a plan and think of ways I will make this happen.  I write down what I want to do, why and how I am going to accomplish it, and then keep writing everything  down in my To Do list

That brings me to my next point. The To Do list.One for 2017, a monthly one, a weekly one, and a daily one.Period.Excessive? Kinda, but you are not a slave to the To Do list. You can switch from one to another. I think everyone should have To Do lists.

2017 To Do list

Write down stuff you want to achieve in 2017 for example, and then check them off the list. When you do something, tick it off the list. The satisfaction of ticking off something that is in the To Do list is amazing. Realising my To Do’s is more important to me than a bunch of resolutions.So, get your note book, start writing down your Big To Do’s and your little ones.

My experience

I write down my weekend To Dos, daily To Do’s, and sometimes Weekly to Dos. If something does not get done in a week, I move it to the next week.I do not stress about my To Do’s though.

What’s the difference between a resolution and a To Do?


Well, as I said earlier, in my opinion, ummmm, resolutions are too flimsy…. wishy washy…. and there are a lot of “I will” in them. To Do lists on the other hand, are formed by using the imperative ( yup, the teacher geek in me is going all grammar cray cray on ya). I have loads of notebooks and planners and I make lists and tick things off.

My To Do List Notebook Suggestions and How to get Things Done

This part contains affiliate links

bloom daily planners Bound To-Do List Book – Planning System Tear Off To Do Pads – Daily Planner To Do Pad 6″ x 8.25″

My To Do List Journal

Knock Knock All Out of Checklist Note Pad with Magnet, Green (12272)

So, that’s all for now. FYI: this weekend I made no To Do list and did not get much done unless you call watching YouTube videos getting something done. So, going back to my lists as of tomorrow. Have a lovely day/ evening.

Talk soon.


11 Facts about me (YouTube Tag)

Hi everyone!!

Not going to talk about Valentine’s day or Galentine’s day. Nope. I am going to share a video I posted on my YouTube channel. It’s the 11 facts about me. I may have answered more than 11 questions, but hey, I am an English teacher, not a maths teacher :p

So, show me some love, maybe….? It would mean the world to me (not literally, but it would put a smile on my face)if you subscribed to my channel.

Oh… yeah… the top of my head is missing… but you can imagine what’s missing.

So, here goes!!!