C’mon makeup brands: you should be more inclusive

So I filmed a video. It explains my situation and my first world problem. Makeup. But imagine. Imagine if you could not see colours. Are you there? Is your vision black and white? Add some grey.

Now pick up the eye shadow. It is called sunset dream. Will you buy it?

That is my issue.

I shared this pic

My tweet said,

When you are colourblind, this is how you roll……

I tagged some makeup brands. Kiko Milano was the only brand that got back to me. At least they replied saying that they will take my feedback into consideration.

C’mon makeup brands. Be aware.

You are supposed to be inclusive.

I tried, but I am just one person and I need help.

You get me. You love makeup like me….

This is my story. This is my video.

Thanks for watching. I hope you can share the video. Maybe even tweet it. Tag a makeup brand.

Thanks for stopping by.



16 thoughts on “C’mon makeup brands: you should be more inclusive

  1. I love makeup so much, and I can’t even begin to imagine your situation! I definitely think makeup brands should include the actual colour along with the shade name for all their products!


  2. I couldn’t imagine being colour blind and having the love of make-up that I do. My cousin is actually colour blind but lucky for him he has no interest in make-up hahaha. Life is still difficult, of course – much more inclusivity needs to be rolled out in all aspects of life. Keep rallying, girl! Make them listen! xx


  3. Wow, this is incredibly eye-opening. I have never thought about this problem before, out of pure ignorance and the fact that this has never happened to me. This is a fantastic point that needs to be heard. I hope you’ll continue to use your voice, post about this, and tag multiple make-up brands. Tag them all. I would certainly help you out if I ever posted about make-up.

    People genuinely don’t know what they’re not including because it’s not on their mind, so we as a society (not just you) need to put it into their minds. I really feel for you, this must be such a struggle. I hope something is done about it soon.


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