January favourites (yeap…a bit late)

Hi everyone!

I am a bit late with writing this post but I thought I’d write one anyway cause I love these posts!! So, what am I talking about? Well, monthly favourites. Today I will share my January favourites!! I have some beauty, a book and a planner.


Elf hydrating under eye primer
I love this product. It is clear and feels very hydrating and cooling. I use it under my eye and also on my eyelid. It makes applying eyeshadow much easier and very smooth. I also think it helps minimise the chances of creasing.
Jo Malone Blush and suede perfume
If you like rose scents that smell a bit powder-y, this is for you! It is long lasting and really fresh. It is a bit pricey though.
Maxfactor Liquid Eyeshadow
I bought two liquid eye shadows from Maxfactor and I am loving them. I use the Elf primer underneath and the liquid eye shadow on top. I like the shade coffee (brown). I have also bought stardust which is a greyish shade.
Body Shop Moringa hand cream
Hand cream Body Shop Moringa hand cream
I wish we had a smell option on da web. This smells amazing. Floral. It is long lasting, nourishing and if you are a teacher who uses your hands to point a lot (:P), you need this in your life!!!
Bionsen Deoderant
If you are looking for a new deodorant and want to try a more ‘healthy’ option, do check this out. It is parabens free, no aluminium etc. It smells fresh and citrus-y. It is long lasting.


Book Girlboss
So, OK, I am last on the girlboss wagon, but this book was a fun and very inspirational book. I loved it. It was a fast read. I definitely recommend it.
Planner Filofax compact
I got a new binder planner and went for a Filofax this time. This is my winter planner. I like that it is small and does not take too much space (compact).
You can check out my video here!! Would love it if you checked it out 🙂

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