L’oreal oil cleanser vs. cream cleanser

L'oreal cleansing oilLet me just start by saying that I am a makeup cleansing fanatic. If there is one thing I am proud of, it is my meticulous makeup taking offing!! No matter how late at night or how tired I am, I neva, eva, sleep with makeup on!I may forget to put on a nightcream, but never forget to wash all the makeup off before bed.
I have used wipes, gels, balms , oils and so on.
I have concluded that I like using balms and oils the most mainly becuase I do not feel likemy skin gets stripped. In fact, oils and balms usually leave a nice soft feeling to my face.
I was recently in superdrug and standing in front of the l’oreal stand,. I purchased two products.


It comes in a plastic bottle and has a pump.
Scent: subtle floral
What does it do?
It melts off your makeup.
Is it easy to rinse off?
Kinda. You do have to wash your face a few times for it to completely wash off.
Does it take off your makeup?
Even mascara?
Yup (haven’t tried it on waterproof mascara though).


I thought this would feel more like a balm, but it feels like a cream.
Upon appliance, you feel a nice cooling sensation. The scent it floral but nothing unbearable. I like floral scents!
Does it take off your makeup?
Even mascara?
But!! It is a pain to rinse off. It took me ages to wash it off my face, so would not use this if I was in a hurry and wanted to go straight to bed.
Who wins?

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I prefer the oil but I really like the feeling of the cream on my skin and the scent.
Have you tried any of these products? How did they work for you?
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