Blogmas day 4: The One About the hand Cream


Blogmas day 4:

The One About the Hand Cream

Let me tell you about a hand cream I bought and love

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I have very dry hands. When I say dry, I mean painfully dry. My hands get red and the skin becomes all flaky. I buy loads of hand creams, but honestly, the only thing that really helps are creams that are from the pharmacy that have cortisone and some type of steroid in them.


I have tried loads of creams. High end luxury brands and affordable drugstore ones. When my hands are in a better condition and do not require medicinal hand creams (I made that up or is it a term?), I like to buy hand creams that make my hands feel soft and smell nice.

Key word…. smell nice.

The other day in class one of my students offered me a hand cream and when I smelt it, I fell in love.

What is it?

 The Body Shop Moringa hand cream.

It is in a squeeze tube. 100 ml. I bought mine for about 7 pounds. I think the original price is 12, but the Body Shop is having sales now, so you can get it for less.

It is a floral sent. Moringa is a flower.

The cream  has according to the packaging,

Seed oil from hand picked Moringa.

It is very hydrating, water-y feeling. It gets absorbed quickly and does not sting.

The scent is powerful but in a good way. If you love floral scents, you should check this one out cause it is amazing!!!

Body Shop Moringa hand cream

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