Empties: Hits and Misses


Hi everyone!

I just shared a video where I talk about product empties. I find these videos quite interesting because you can actually give a full review of a product and  say if you will repurchase or not. I buy and use up a lot of products. I often use up products I don’t really like because I think to myself

I spent my dosh, I am gonna use you up

But sometimes there are products I cannot keep using and I just chuck em out!

So, in brief, what did I like?

* this part contains affiliate links

Clinique Moisture Surge

Already repurchased (get it here). It is the best for dry skin. Your skin immediately sucks it up. I love it!

Clinique Aromatics White

Already repurchased  (get the gift set here). I love this product! Everyone asks me what perfume I am wearing. I say it is the baby of Chanel No 5 and Talk Powder. So nice. Long lasting.


Bourjois Real Volume Mascara 

Already Repurchased (get it here). This is my fave mascara. It makes your lashes look long and black! It doesn’t make them look goopy (is that how you spell it?)


Burberry Eye Cntour

Used but ended up chucking half way through. It broke like after 3 times I used it 😦

Maybelline Setting Spray

Couldn’t chuck it fast enough!!! If you like polka dots and wanna look like a polka dot faced person, this is for you. Otherwise nope!

Now if you want details as to why these worked or did not work, check out my video 🙂 I babble on about them for a bit!!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

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See you in my next post!!!




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