2 Book Suggestions for the Summer

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Hi everyone,
Today’s post is about books!I ❤ reading light-hearted books, especially during summer. I will actually talk to you about two of the books I have read so far and recommend them. If you like novels that are funny and about love, I have something for you love!

13 Weddings by Paige Toon

I read this in 3 days. It is about a girl called Bronte who woks for a magazine. She meets someone, falls in love, and so on so on. You see her adventures and giggle from time to time. I like that about books. If a book makes me laugh, I am content. I really liked the ending because it was not predictable. There is a second story line which I did not really get (father- daughter relationship), it did make me want to read more though in order to figure out what was going on.
I recommend this book if you are looking for something easy to read, on the beach during the summer.
You can get the book here.

The Queen of Wishful Thinking by Milly Johnson

I haven’t finished reading this but I thought I’d mention it cause first of all, I really like where the story is set. England and in an antique shop. This one is about two people who love antiques and meet. They are both married and not very happy in their  marriages. It is interesting to see the couple dynamics. Not as light- hearted as the other book, but nothing heavy (so far). Again, a book you can flip through during your holidays. You can get it here.

Other recommendations

If you haven’t read the Rosie Project or the Rosie Effect, you need to. Again stories about finding love but written from a guys perspective. I have one spoiler for you. He makes a questionnaire in order to find his perfect wife. These books are really fun to read and page turners. You can get the Rosie Project here and the Rosie Effect here

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See you in my next post!!!




8 thoughts on “2 Book Suggestions for the Summer

  1. The books sound lovely. I like the not predictable finishes. 🙂 I love your pictures too, I used my glasses as prop to take pictures of my books too, I did that this month (I added my link if you want to see what I’ve been reading).

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  2. I like the sound of these two books, I love to mix between reading something heavy that requires lots of reader engagement and then flipping to something happy and easygoing. Love a plot twist 13 weddings will be added to my Goodreads list. I haven’t read the Rosie project yet, but I’ve got it ready. What’s your favourite romance book of all time?


    • Hi!
      I like chatting about books. I love p.s I love you, anything by Jane Green or Sophie Kinsella. My all time fave is Dickens though. Great expectations. What about you?
      Jo x

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      • Hi Jo!
        Me too! P.S. I love you is great – made me laugh and cry! I’ve never read any of Jane Green or Sophie Kinsella, I’ll have to add them to the list. Where would you suggest to start?
        I love One Day or anything by David Nicholls I also love a James Patterson or Clive Cussler when I’m looking for a little mystery! My all time favourite is To Kill A Mockingbird.
        Katie x
        P.S. Sorry about the double comment WordPress on my phone is being annoying!


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