My empties: what I repurchased and what I dumped

Hi everyone!!

This is the first time I have written an empties post or made an empties video. So, the way I approach the whole “empties” topic is by mentioning products I used up and whether I liked them enough to repurchase. There is makeup, a makeup brush, skincare and a whole lot of lip balms. If you want more details on the products, I suggest you watch my video. Some of the products might not be mentioned in the post, but are included in the video. So, let’s start!

Makeup brushes

I had the Sephora Professional big fluffy XL rounded Powder Brush. I have had it for maybe more than 3 years and I love it, but it has now started to shed. I went to Sephora to get a new one, but they had ran out, so I ended up getting the Clinique Powder brush. Between the 2 I prefer the Sephora brush, because it holds more powder and it is just the right amount of softness.The Clinique one has a very soft brush but it is not large enough (me thinks).If I do get my hands on the Sephora brush, I am repurchasing.


TooFaced Cocoa Contour Palette

I love this palette, but I only use it for the contour shade. That shade has now hit pan, so I decided not repurchase the whole palette but to buy the chocolate Soleil matte bronzer in medium/ deep and use that to contour. I don’t think I will repurchase the Cocoa Contour palette anytime soon.


Lip Balms

I have used up loads of lip balms. My favourite is the Nivea Lip Balm. I also tried the Vicy and Nuxe lip balms which were OK. The Victoria’s Secret lip balm was a product I hated.

Korres Face Wipes

I got the Milk Protein face wipes from Korres and while I really wanted to like them cause they are a Greek brand, I hated them. They did not take my makeup off, they stung and they were super expensive.  I love Korres products but this is a big fat no.

Bobbi Brown Brow mascara

I got the Bobbi Brown brow mascara in brown and I love it. The wand is just the right size, the pigmentation is just enough. My eye brows look better but not unnatural. I seriously hate over drawn brows. This is a repurchase.

Dior Forever and Ever Control Powder

I use this powder to set my foundation. It is finely mild and does not make my face look cakey. Love it and repurchased.


This is my video of products I used up, what I liked and what I didn’t. I hope you have a minute to watch it.

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5 thoughts on “My empties: what I repurchased and what I dumped

    • Thank you!! I love the Palette too but it doesn’t make sense to buy the palette only for the contour shade!! Thanks for reading 🙂


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