The pink bubble

When you have been single for a while and meet someone you like, it is very easy to be sucked up by emotions you have wanted to feel for a while and believe. The pink bubble is born.


Makeup covers everything

You believe in words that are just words. In fact, it is very easy  to fall for words. It is very easy to make someone into something they are not, to believe in something that is not there, to have expectations, to create an ‘imaginary boyfiend’. A man you want that person to be.Because you want to believe and coz you’ve been alone for a while and you are a romantic soul. You want your imaginary boyfriend to be real. Well, I guess he is real, but you want him to be your real.The pink bubble gets bigger.

Christmas pic 1


But how easy is it for a real person to fill the shoes of an imaginary boyfriend. The one you wish for. the one you try to make someone into. How often have you heard the phrase,

He will change……

Should he? Why? Coz that’s what you want?

I often tell my friend D. that whenever something isn’t going the way you want it to, just act dumb. Act dumb. Just don’t say anything. Don’t burst the pink bubble.

Of course, I never listen to my own advice. I never act dumb or maybe I do, and then I snap out of it, and say what I want to say.Then the bubble bursts.

Then, when the bubble bursts, there are two ways to go. Be real and forget about the freaking bubble. Accept the other for what they are and move on building an honest relationship or give up and create a new pink bubble. There is actually a third way. One of wanting the buble and the other not wanting the bubble.

Bottom line….

Finding someone who makes you happy is hard.

Bottom line under the bottom line…….

It’s all about a bubble or lack of.

Thanks for stopping by…..


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