H&M Cosmetics Haul: My 1st Video

So, I have always wondered about whether I’d like to make videos and move to YouTube. Thing is, I like watching YouTube videos, I am chatty, and I am definitely not camera shy. So, I tried to make a video today and it kinda failed. My camera stopped recording in the middle. Some footage is missing, my face is fat, and my hair is all over the place. I fidget a lot. I also forgot to swatch one of the lippies, so of course this is not going on YouTube, but I am sharing it here cause:

  • I did do a small H & M haul.
  • It is important to be able to make fun of yourself and not take yourself too seriously.

H7M haul.jpg

So, here are my 1st video. Excuse my face. I never realised I made so many faces :p

Here is the lip gloss and swatches in pics. I know, I know. I sucked at this xxx


and swatches


and then part 2 coz my camera stopped.

So, this was my first lame attempt at making a video. I have learnt a lot and will actually be uploading videos on my YouTube channel. I will make a proper H&M cosmetics haul video (again) cause some of the things I bought are missing. I am also going to change the background and film some planner reviews, a skin care video and a clothing haul. If you want to subscribe to my channel, I’d love that (<3  <3). Do click here. My videos will be going live this week (just in case you are sitting at the edge of your seat).

YouTube My Pink Rambles.png

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That’s all for today.





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