“See” my makeup bag

I should have said,

Walk in my shoes

But I have already used that as a title.

This is a very, very quick post about something that happened today and pissed me off once again. I am colorblind and visually challenged (impaired if you prefer). I ❤ makeup and I buy a lot of it. I wear it, review it, blog about it, and that takes a lot of time. It is very challenging for me and sometimes I feel like a joke cause I am like,

c’mon woman, you cannot even see the colour of the product you are talking about.

Anyways, I bought a few nyx products when I was in the UK and started taking pics because they are going to be part of the one year blog anniversary giveaway. I started laying out the products  for the giveaway. I was happy. I like doing giveaways.

Colourblindess and makeup.jpg

As I lay out my goodies, I see that I am able to describe the products because I can see the names of the lippies, for example (of course I will be looking up other reviews to get exact colour descriptions). BUT there is one product I have no idea how to describe because I cannot read the name of it.The colour name on the pencil clashes with the colour of the pencil, so I cannot read nada.


This just looks like a big blob. A blob that makes me angry.

So, welcome to my makeup bag

where cosmetic companies prefer to give random names, where colours clash, and where a disability makes you incompetent.

Thanks. It goes beyond a challenge. You just cannot do something. Period. No ramp, no special facilities. Nothing. Yeah, sure, my life could be worse. There are worse conditions out there, but this is my life, and my worse.

Today it’s NYX, yesterday it was Rimmel, L’oreal, Burberry, Chanel, Dior, Lancome, Clinique, TooFaced, Makeup Geek, Maybelline. It’s all of them.

Highend and highstreet making me feel low.

I am pissed off.

What do I want? I want one brand to say,

Hey Joanna, what can we do?

One brand.

Oh yeah… and I am one customer. A blogger with only 3k followers on my social media platforms. If I had 500k, I’d probably have a makeup line collab. A “colourblind friendly one”…. just saying……

This is just a glimpse. Just one thing. One simple thing. It’s just makeup. Let’s not go into ‘bigger stuff’….. or shall we? Check out the colourblindness awareness org page (see sidebar) to get informed if you are interested. 1/12 males and 1/200 females are colour blind. 1 student in every classroom, just so you know.

Rant over.

Talk later.



A few hours later: my sister came over and told me it is called brown perfection. Also, a lovely blogger friend googled the bar code and told me the same thing. The giveaway is now live and can be found here.

It shouldn’t have been so hard though……

I am now making YouTube videos, so do check out my channel if you have time ❤ ❤


14 thoughts on ““See” my makeup bag

  1. That would be really annoying! I imagine it wouldn’t take much for the companies to change things up a little to make it easier for ALL of their customers to be able to read the product info. It’s true you don’t really know what someone’s life is like until you have walked in their shoes, or seen in their makeup bag!


    • Thank you!! It is so easy to make this easier on us. I just don’t get it!! Why give random names? Why not be more careful with labelling? I don’t think it’s about the money. Thanks for reading xxx


  2. You’re cracking me up, but at the same time…I get it! That would be extremely annoying. I write about makeup, too, and I never considered how frustrating it would be to select colors for someone who is colorblind. How do you determine which shades look best on you? Do you have to wait until you receive compliments to know it looks nice? I’m kinda intrigued by this topic now. 🙂
    xoxo, erin | sandsunandmessybuns.com


    • Spot on!! I really on people saying something looks nice, I read reviews and sometimes I can tell by the brightness if I think something looks good or not. Let’s just say though that I would never be able to be a makeup artist :p. Thanks for stopping by xxx Joanna


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