How I made $52 & got 2 Free Books & Stationery after 1 Year of Blogging

Catchy title,huh? borderline sarcy I would say. So lovelies, today’s post is about my blog’s wins. A success story. Or is it? Well, that depends on if you are a glass half full, half empty person. Anyways, every day on Pinterest and other social media, you read posts about

how I made $1000, $10.000, a billion, a zillion dollars after a month, ten minutes  or a second of blogging….

AND How you can do the same……

Well, that ain’t my case. I have been an educational blogger for almost 4 years and a ‘beauty/lifestyle’ blogger for one year. Yeap. I enjoyed blogging so much that I had to have 2 blogs.

Untitledmonetising from your blog.jpg

So have you made it?

Well, first of all, define ‘made it’. Secondly, how does one measure ‘made it’? From my blog’s title, you do realise that I have made ‘something’. So, full disclosure.

Moneywise: $52 from Amazon and sponsored posts

Productwise: 2 books, Planner stickers, Stationery, Free makeup samples (but not more than let’s say 10 products).

I have also expanded my affiliate branding.

A BIG beauty brand will be featuring my blog post in their newsletter (I will boast more about that when it actually happens. I tend to jinx myself so 😡 :x).

Almost 24.000 page views and 200 blog followers (people actually reading and following are the biggest win!).

So, let’s be a glass half full kind of person. Let’s not treat my “blogging” like it’s a joke cause it hasn’t made money.  Let’s treat it like a hobby and maybe a bit more………

You see, I was/ am a wannabe writer, but because I do not have: the eneergy, braincell power, money to get an agent ( I am a teacher. Teachers are underpaid), an actual book idea, I blog. Prolifically. I actually wrote my first book when I was 9 and it was about a girl who had a freind who was a robot. Then the robot’s head fell off and she fixed him. I know. Weird!

When I write/ blog, I feel good (just like the song says). That feeling  cannot be monetised because I get to write 500 word articles about anything and everything.I get to talk about makeup which I love, travelling, books and other random thoughts that pop into this (my) 40 year-old head. I have fun.

And if you are making a ton of money and rolling your eyes thinking that I am naive or that after a year of blogging , I should have more to show for myself, I reply,

Maybe you are right

Would I like my hobby to give me more opportunities? Sure.


I am content with what’s happened so far. I mean, com’on. A colour blind beauty blogger? Mind boggling to say the least.

So, yeah, if you are like me, just stay calm and keep blogging (originality….. I know).

How are you doing? Feel free to leave a comment in the section below. If you enjoyed what you read, do subscribe to my blog. We can also connect on social media. Click on the ones you use and connect with me 🙂  Pinterest / Twitter/ Instagram/Google+./YouTube

Talk soon




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