Changing my Blogging Style: starting with the WHY

I love writing. Always have. This is why I have two blogs and am writing blog posts which do or do not get read. It’s my creative outlet. It’s my hobby. It makes me happy, sometimes sad as well. It allows me to show you who I am. Who I really am. Is that why you write?

Because I am a teacher, I am also very interested in writing styles and I want to take up courses that will help me improve as a blogger/writer.The other day I watched a TED talk by Sinek in my class (I will link the TED talk below) and it talked about inspiring others and why people connect with brands/ people.


He talked abut the golden circle. Imagine three circles. One in the other. The inner circle has the word WHY in it, the next circle has the word HOW, and the outer circle the word WHAT. Now, according to Sinek, people buy a product when you tell them why you make it, then how, and finally, what it is.

Now let’s look at writing. If you try to to transfer that to your writing style, you start with why you are saying something and then you move on to how and what.

Let’s take for example a beauty product, I am trying to connect with my readers by saying why I like lipsticks and this particular X lipstick, how I used it and then the information about the product. The What. You can see an example of this writing style in my Aveda haul or even this post. I started with the why…..

This makes sense to me. As a reader I can connect to the WHY, so why not start with it? Don’t know how long my blog posts will be written in that kind of way, but  am trying it out. What do you think?

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Simon Sinek’s video can be found on YouTube. It is called” Start with the why”

Talk soon!




2 thoughts on “Changing my Blogging Style: starting with the WHY

  1. Hi Joanne!!
    It is an interesting way to approach writing and the TED talk was very convincing. You are right though, it is not easy and I am not sure I am actually starting with the WHY. Have a nice day!


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