The Bride’s Survival Kit: Gift Idea for your Friend who’s getting Married

Gift idea for your friend who is getting married.jpgLast night I went out with some very close friends/relatives cause one of us is getting married. We are a group of four and we hang out a lot. The time has come and  one of the gang’s members is getting married. Eri is the bride to be! Two of us won’t be there, so we thought we’d have a bachelorette dinner/ evening out. Something low-key, but fun. We went to a picturesque tavern in my town, Chania (Greece).


Lina and I decided we wanted to make this dinner a bit more fun/ special so we came up with a gift idea which we called the bride’s survival kit. We put a whole lot of love and randomness in the process and today I am going to share with you what went in the kit, just in case you need inspo for a gift idea for your bestie bride to be.

The bride’s survival kit

The survival kit.jpeg

We wanted it to be



and a bit…. creative (he he he)

So, we got a big laundry basket and filled it with

Stuff for the house like:

  • a mini cook book
  • oven glove
  • a sewing kit
  • a kitchen spoon
  • a rolling-pin
  • a funny plate cleaning thingy

We got a bit ‘creative’ and added:

  • nutella
  • whipped cream
  • jelly


I actually did a google search on how to use these products ‘creatively’ and made stickers to stick on each food item (it also covered the label and made the props more pretty and funny. The things people share online!!).

We also got her something blue and new:

  • a pretty garter

We wore our little tiaras had a laugh as she unwrapped every single little pressie.

We enjoyed the sunset

sunset cropped

had a lovely dinner, lots of laughs and then went for a cocktail.


Lovely evening with lovely friends/family.

I wish you all the best Eri xxx

  • picture credits: Lina took all the pics of the pressies and us four. She kindly gave me permission to share :).

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xox Jo



7 thoughts on “The Bride’s Survival Kit: Gift Idea for your Friend who’s getting Married

  1. Aww, what a sweet present and a good night with your friend! I love the kitchen scrubber–it was the really practical bridal gifts like that that I really used!


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