Burberry makeup mini haul & review

Last week I was in Athens (Greece) and I went to this big department store called Attica. I just wanted to have a look around, but then I spotted the Burberry Makeup Counter and little love hearts started flying out of my eyes. I had heard so much about their makeup line but I had never  seen it in person, let alone buy something!

I went closer to the counter and saw the Burberry Makeup artist ( Vasilios Gelis). I said, ” Oh! You have Burberry here? How cool! I want to try something”. He said, ” How about something for your brows?” Of course!! My brows needed some serious attention! I was excited. I was going to get my brows drawn on by the Burberry makeup artist.


I sat on the stool and he chose my colour. You see, I am colourblind and always rely on what the makeup artists say. He told me he wanted something close to my eye brow colour (to match my hair), so he chose the Effortless Eyebrow Definer in the colour Ash Brown No.03

My brows were not in the best condition. I had slathered a different product on (review for that coming soon) and they looked crazy. Vasilios (that’s the name of the makeup artist), took that off and started working on drawing in missing hairs and giving shape to my brows

Vasilios’ words of wisdom,

 You need to brush the hair close to your eyes upwards, and start drawing what’s missing (my right brow is shorter than my left one, so he had to draw it in). Then you brush them again to take away excess product. You then need to define your brows and fill in the missing hair in the rest of your brow (brush hairs downwards and then start filling). It’s important to have a curve on your brow line. Always remember to brush your brows to take any excess product.


I then said what about my eyes? Do you have any kind of shadows in a stick? He chose the Eye Colour Contour in the shade Rose Wood No.112.

Vasilios’ Tips

Your eyes are close together, but you have a lot of space in the eye lid area and you need to take advantage of that. You can use shadow even a bit further above your eye crease. You can use a light shadow on more than half of your eye lid and then use the  eye colour contour at the end. Draw a (sideways) triangle (with curves). Don’t forget! It is important to blend the eye contour straight away and not at the end!

I had so much fun. He also suggested I try using the products myself with his guidance, but I got cold feet. Women were passing by and they commented on how lovely my makeup looked.

Vasilios also gave me a free lipstick sample in the colour Military Red N0.429. It looks really nice. I ❤ my reds, so cannot wait to wear that!


I had so much fun. I don’t know if this was so enjoyable because Burberry trains their makeup artists this way, so that you, the customer, feel like a million bucks or if it was just Vasilios ( I had never met him before. This is not a sponsored post!). I think it’s both!

burberry 1

Duration of products

Both products lasted all day long. I went for lunch and then to the airport. I was in and out of the tube. I was in a rush, even got sweaty, but my makeup lasted!! I suggest you check out these products the next time you are in a store that sells Burberry cosmetics.

B PIN.jpg

If you come to Athens, definitely stop by the Burberry counter and get tips from Vasilios.

Have you tried these products? Do you have any other Burberry cosmetics suggestions I can try out? Feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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11 thoughts on “Burberry makeup mini haul & review

    • Hey Saara!! Thanks for stopping by. It took me a while before I could afford luxury makeup as well but you will get there xx.


  1. Jealous of your trip to Greece and jealous of your Burberry makeup! I have been dying to try them but sadly they do not sell them where I live. Any time I travel I like to look at the big department stores that are there and see what brands they have. This way I make it a point to go and allow myself to bring home an item or two. That way I will have something to remember my trip by that I know I will use.


  2. I bought a few pieces at Burberry while traveling in Europe and I’ll be sharing those goods soon I hope! I’ve had the post hanging out for a while because other things needed to go live first 😉 I need more of these products though, your makeup looks amazing! xx adaatude.com

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