What are you doing today? How about making a time capsule?

Hi mummies!

I am not a mommy blogger, but I did post a blog post about something similar on my edu blog and thought I’d pop onto here for a very quick post.

Today is February 29th and I thought it would be a cool idea to make a time capsule with your kids. You could even make it a whole family time capsule.

What do you need?

A box (you can use a cardboard box and decorate it with your kids. They can draw on it, stick scrapbook paper or anything they like.)

A smile

The process

Tell whoever in the family you want to be involved, to put things in a box (your time capsule) and that you will open it on February 29, 2020. They can find newspaper clippings, they can make lists of popular songs/ games/ movies (maybe even a usb stick if your kids are really high tech), chocolate rappings.  Anything! You make the family time capsule and it is stored somewhere in the house till 2020.

It would be a nice idea to video tape the whole process or take pics and keep them in the box as well!!


So, that’s all folks.

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