7 things you shouldn’t do when dating a teacher

So, today’s post is about deal breakers when dating a female teacher. So, if you want luv forever avoid these things. If you wanna break up, then print out this list! 😀 😀

So, here is what you shouldn’t do:

💔 Send text messages full of spelling mistakes

It is so hard to get out of teacher mode, so if you send a text message full of spelling mistakes, she will notice and probably be put off. What’s worse? You may receive a text message or a comment on your bad spelling (OK once or twice acceptable, but more than that, then there will be trouble :p). Do be careful of the following common spelling mistakes 😀 :

your vs. you’re

ad vs. add

loose vs. lose

their vs. there

💔 Use bad grammar

Sure, a slip is fine, but not all the time. When on a date, refer to your grammar book!!

💔 Lose her favourite pen/notebook

She has a ‘thing’ with her stationery. A good pen is sacred. Her favourite notebook is precious. Don’t  touch it, don’t lose it. Just don’t mess with her school supplies!

💔 Complain about the stuff that go missing and end up being at school

I guess teachers often take stuff from home to work. She is  on a tight budget and needs lots of props for work. Her home is where she finds most of the things she can take into work 😀

💔 Not listen to her whine about work

I guess this applies for every profession, but dating a teacher means that you are with someone who is thinking about work 24/7. She talks shop…… a lot.

💔 Not be supportive towards her studies

As teachers, we study a lot. Teaching is about constant learning. So, there will be days when she will sit in front of the pc spending endless hours searching for the perfect material to use with her ‘kids’.

💔 Moan about holidays

OK there a couple of unacceptable ‘moans’

#1 Moaning about not being able to take spontaneous holidays. Yeap. Forget about that. Not gonna happen during a school year.

#2 Moaning about having to spend lots of money on holidays. Well, let’s face it, teachers can go on holidays during Christmas, Easter and Summer. All high season periods lads.

So, avoid these things and you will remain in her good books. Happy Valentine’s everyone. Of course, this post is humorous cause your teacher girlfriend is amazing!!!!

7 things you should avoid when dating a teacher

Special thanks to Deirdre for the ‘moaning’ tip ❤ ❤

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10 thoughts on “7 things you shouldn’t do when dating a teacher

  1. These are hilarious! I’ve never dated a teacher, but both my parents are teachers (one an English teacher), so I definitely get where you are coming from. I’m always making sure my texts are free of spelling mistakes and include punctuation!


  2. Totally true on all counts. We have to plan vacations around my schedule which stinks because my husband get’s his at the start of every year. Thanks for this post.


  3. Haha! My hubby and I are both teachers, so we totally get it. We used to compare between Elementary and High School who had it worse though. Now he’s at the middle school level so it’s a little more equal. I totally freak out about grammar mistakes, especially since I’m an English teacher!


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