15 ideas for DIY planner covers, dividers & dashboards

Hi loves,

Today I am going to talk to you about covers, dashboards and dividers. I will share with you some ideas on how to make your own dividers/covers and what to put on them. Here is a disclaimer: while I have loads of ideas, I am a bit clumsy with my execution :). So, what do you need to make your DIY covers/dashboards and dividers? A cup of coffee and creativity. A laminator would be useful as well :D.

Anyhow, enough with the babbling. Here are some ideas:

🌼 A drawing

My 3-year-old niece drew a drawing and I laminated it. I get to keep something so cute and precious ❤ ❤ .


🌼 Lined paper

I laminated some lined paper. I can now write on it, then erase whatever I wrote, and use it for something else later on.


🌼 A quote

I found a quote/image I liked and laminated it.


🌼 Ribbons

This ribbon looks so pretty and girlie. It was from my niece’s christening and now I have it in my planner 🙂 . Now be a bit careful cause I am not sure everyone can do this without setting a fire or destroying their laminator. Mine worked fine. Nothing happened.


🌼 Digital paper

There are lots of patterns on Etsy which you can buy and then laminate and use as a divider. This one was shared on my blog a while back (so if you like it check out aestheticaddiction’s interview in the planning category in the sidebar). Alternatively, you can use scrapbook paper or even a plastic bag you liked (this idea was shared in one of the Facebook groups I am a member of, so cannot take credit for it).

digital paper.jpg

🌼 3D laminated paper

I used 3D stickers that are intended for wall decorations and made a 3D cover!

wall paper.jpg

🌼 Sticky notes

I laminated Notes and To Do sticky notes. I can use these many times for notes that can move around in my planner. I would use this for more general Notes/to DOs.


🌼 Flowers

I laminated plastic flowers (yes, the ones you have in a vase). Now be a bit careful cause I am not sure every one can do this without setting a fire or destroying their laminator. Mine worked fine. Nothing happened.


🌼 A photo

This is a photo of me and my cousins when we were young. This is going in my colour crush!


🌼 Other ideas?

Well, you can laminate:

💐 Your wedding vows/a love letter

💐 Your wedding invitation

💐 Your baby’s foot prints

💐 A card

💐 A ticket from a concert you went to

Anything you want to remember and puts a smile on your face.

Pin for dashboards covers

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Till next Sunday!!

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6 thoughts on “15 ideas for DIY planner covers, dividers & dashboards

  1. What laminator do yo use?

    Also, you should share this post on my link up. Its planning and organizing themed!

    AmberDowns.net (its the top post)


    • Hi Amber!
      I use an A3 laminator from a brand called United Office. It is for hot and cold laminations (I use hot). As for the linkup, thanks! I will do!!!


    • Jennifer ❤ ❤ I have been meaning to email you :). You should use your lamiantor and make pretty stuff! You are very good at that so your dividers will look great 🙂


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