Product Review: Charles Worthington Shine Booster

Today I am going to talk about one of my hair styling staples. This is a product I love and always stock up on. So, this review is more like an ode to a product than a review. What am I talking about?The Charles Worthington London Shine Booster: all over gloss spray.

According to the bottle, it gives your hair

    ❤  a shine boost

❤ a mirror shine finish

❤  a smoothing effect

hair spray cartoon

Does it do what it says?

Yes!!!! Keep in mind though that I am blond with highlights. You can see my hair in the picture below. Nice and shiny, no?

Me glasses

How do I use this?
I spray it on my dry hair whenever I want my hair to be nice and glowy.  A generous spray/spritz. Nothing stingy ladies!! A good spritz goes a long way. I am blond and my hair becomes really shiny, to the point I get compliments (yup <3).

What does it smell like?

Freshness. No particular odor. It’s like coming out of a hair salon. The smell of clean hair.

Would I repurchase?

Um…. Yeah. Not just repurchase, but stock up!! I actually buy loads of bottles every summer  when I am in the UK (but I live on an island…. in Greece).

Hair Spray

If you are in the UK, you can get it at Boots or Superdrug. You can also find it at retailers who carry Charles Worthington London products.

I have talked/raved about this product before in my 5 a nite out post. You can check out what are my ‘going out essentials’ here.

hair spray colour pin.jpg

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