Featuring Shop Alissa Love: Etsy store owner interview

Good morning lovelies, today is Saturday and I thought I’d share with you another Etsy store feature. Today I am talking to lovely Alissa from Shop Alissa Love. We get to know Alissa a bit better and she is very kind and shares with us a coupon code for 25% off from her stickers (thanks Alissa <3). So, time to chat with Alissa.

Hi Alissa!! Thanks for agreeing to an interview! Can we start by you telling me a bit about yourself?
I’m from Santa Monica, California. I studied art and design in college and for fun I try to grow my own orchids. I don’t really have a green thumb, but I try anyway! 🙂

How and why did you start making stickers?
I started noticing people in the planning community using stickers and planners to help make organizing tedious daily tasks fun. I wanted to join the fun so invested in sticker making supplies and haven’t looked back since! I use a canon pixma printer and silhouette cutting machine. I am happy to share my tips and techniques if anyone is interested!

What inspires you?
I am inspired by sparkly pink anything and rhinestones. I put magenta rhinestones all over my iPod in high school.

Alissa's Planner

Alissa’s Planner

What can someone find at your Etsy store?
My store carries lots of functional planner stickers as well as unicorns, flamingos, and gummy bears sprinkled around for a memorable and unique touch.

If you could turn back time to the day you opened your store, what advice would you give yourself? Any top tips?
Make BIG lists of ideas and inspiration! I keep a list in my planner and add to it whenever I think of new designs. Also, if you have a website link it to your Etsy shop! It helps drive traffic and gives people a place to find out more about you as well as build customer relationships and trust. There a tons of people selling stuff on the internet so it’s important to do your research.

How do you plan?
Every Sunday I print out stickers and come up with a theme. Sometimes just a color theme is enough. I like to start with the borders of my planner and work my way into the middle of the page. I try to make each week different.



Where can people find you? 
ETSY: www.etsy.com/shop/ShopAlissaLove?ref=hdr_shop_menu
MY WEBSITE: alissalove.com
INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/shopalissalove/
YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/channel/UCRPkcdVdBOutr0zom8NKGYA

Thanks so much for this talk Joanna! Here is a coupon code for your readers: “25OFF” use at checkout for 25% off all orders, no minimum amount 🙂

Oh!! Thanks so much Alissa. I am definitely placing an order and i really want to get my hands on those unicorn stickers!!

If you love planning, make sure you check out the planning category on my sidebar and follow my blog if you fancy. Thanks for stopping by, and do check out Sunday’s post (tomorrow) cause I am making a spread with some of Alissa’s stickers.

Talk soon xxx


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