This week’s planner spread and Etsy store stickers used

So, here is this week’s spread (in progress). There is stuff I will add during the week and some personal things that can’t go in this post (sowie). Anyhow, this is what my weekly spread looks like so far and printables+ stickers I used tagged under the spread.



You can check out the stores by pressing the store name (linked in post)

Most of the spread is from Elle Fowler’s store Glam Plan printables and it is the White bridle Printable Glam Planner. This is for the Erin Condren planner, but I made it work by leaving a bit of the white space. I know, I still need to work on my ‘cutting’ skills, but I really like it (for my first try). So, bottom washi, half-boxes, and little flags from Elle’s store.

Bath tub , makeup brushes, little planner, and open book stickers are all from Michelle and Patch

The tabs that say Copy, plan,To grade and the donut sticker are from Lilly Top.

The coffee sticker and nail polish are from Planner Chick Designs.

The stethoscope and the scales are from the Sassy Planner.

*If you want to buy a Happy Planner and you are not in the US, you can get one here.

So, lovelies, happy planning. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone or made a mistake. If you see a little mistake, let me know in the comments section below. Check out all the stores cause they have really pretty designs. I just want to let you know that some of these stores have given me coupon codes (Michelle and Patch) or free printables (Lilly Top), so press the planning category sidebar and press the planning tab for more info (the extras and other interviews). You can also check out my Happy Planner review and sticker haul here. Follow my blog cause I have more coupon codes and planner-related posts coming soon.

Talk soon


  • This is an Amazon affiliate link. You do not pay extra for this product, you just give me a small commission. Thanks xx.

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