Stationery Haul

I am a teacher and as a teacher I use a lot of stationery.  Buying stationery is like being like a kid in a candy shop for me. Now that I am really into decorative planning, I have gone bananas with the stationery. So, in today’s post, I am going to try something different. I am going to share with you and review what I bought from my favourite bookshop in the UK, Waterstones. I  ❤ Waterstones.

What did I get?

James and friends pencil-case

It’s so cute. Because I am a blogger as well, I thought, I gotta get this pencil-case and I did. It is plastic (good plastic not softie plastic) and see through, which is great, cause I get to see where my pencils and pens are. Waterstones price: £6.99. I ❤ blogging and now I have a pencil-case that reminds me to blog :).


Botanical Sticker & Labels

They are lovely labels and stickers. It’s from a company called Rifle paper Co. There are 30 sheets of vintage style label stickers and I think they are really pretty. Beautiful packaging.

Sicker quality: the paper is quite thick and it sticks easily on paper. It is also quite easy to take off if you make a mistake. It doesn’t tear your paper (my planner has thick paper and that’s what I have tested these stickers on).

Waterstones price £7.99. *You can get it from Amazon for $8.91 by pressing here.

inside sticker labels

Samples of pageslabellllllllllllllllllllllll

3D Butterfly Sticky notes

Post-it notes are boring, but these ones look really pretty. You can stick quite a bit on your paper and then pull up the wings, so it actually look like a butterfly on your notes (sheets). If you use them in a book or a notebook, then the butterfly will get squashed (still functions as a post-it note though). There are three colours: yellow,blue and pink. For more information about this product go to the company’s website (yeap, that’s the name of the company :p  ). At Waterstones they cost £ 3.99. *You can also buy it now  by pressing here. (Amazon price $6.17).


Get the hint- Wish list advisory tags

These are like sticky notes you use to tag things. I use them when I am planning and I also use them to tag stuff in magazines, especially now that I am a blogger.It is helpful to remember where you saw things. Tags say: I want this/ Love these/Buy this/ And this/ Yes please. There are 20 sheets per tag. Tags are made of thick-ish paper. Half is adhesive paper (sticky paper), the rest sticks out. You can find this product at or * You can also press here and get it now (Amazon price: $6.27 at the moment of this post).

I want stickers

So, I am sorted for the time being. I got my pretty stationery and I am ready to blog, plan and shop. This was my ode to pretty stationery. ❤  ❤

Talk soon xx

*This is an affiliate link. The opinion is my own. I have not been sponsored or received any money for this review. I purchased the product myself. If you choose to buy this product from amazon, I will receive a little bit of money.So, thank you!! If you do not, that is fine. I highly do recommend the product though. The prices indicated were the prices that appeared on the day I wrote this post.Thanks for reading my review.

15 thoughts on “Stationery Haul

  1. I absolutely love getting new stationary! Getting a new pen (the kind where you have to put an ink filling inside, I don’t know the english word for them) were always first on my list for a new school year. I keep getting them though even though I dont go to school anymore.


  2. Love it all!!! I am so addicted to stationary and journals it is sad! I opened a bag the other day that had a whole collection of journals! I was like whhhat! I love it tho! Thanks for sharing these great finds!


  3. Loving the color scheme here! I love the stationery, and fortunately it hasn’t become an obsession of mine YET… (we’ll see further on in my teaching career though- I might change my mind) 😉


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