This week’s planner spread

So, it’s Sunday morning. Coffee ready, music playing. I take out my stickers. I bought this set from FruVesas Printables. It is the Ocean Roses printable.

I do not have an Erin Condren planner (yet) but I do use stickers on my Teneues planner cause I ❤ decorative planning.

This week’s spread

My planner has two pages per week. One with the days (horizontal layout), the other page is a lined notes page.


Page with days

I have written down the things I want to get done in each box. I have used little tear drops and written the things I want to be doing everyday. So, the tear drops stand out and I do not have to write my repeated tasks on every single day’s box. What I want to be doing everyday? Read a bit of my book, and ride my stationary bike. I used a half box sticker as a header on the last column and have written down all my blogging ideas.

daily spread

Notes page

The thing I like about this particular planner is that there is a notes page next to the page with the days. I write all my to Dos there. I can write whole sentences which is great cause I can think a bit more and see what I wanna do.

I use banners as headers on my notes page

One banner is for my face to face lessons, one for my online work, and one for bills/calls/emails.


Final thoughts

So, far this decorative planning is working great for me cause I like pretty stuff and it is kind of inviting. I spent about 45 minutes cutting/ sticking and writing. If things come up during the week, I will add them later. I sort of have an overview plan and then I add things throughout the week.

Oh!! FruVesas kindly shared a free printable with you guys. You can download it here :icm_fullxfull.68720890_oovjdmdphlww0o4cwoko

Also, if you are wanting to buy an Erin Condren life planner, I have a $10 off offer for you guys if you purchase the Erin Condren Life Planner by pressing the words $10 off my ELCP below (this is a referral link).

$10 off my ECLP


How do you make your spreads? Please leave a comment in the comments section. Have a good week. Follow my blog if you like these posts.

Talk soon



7 thoughts on “This week’s planner spread

    • Hi!!!
      I like planning and decorative planning makes everything look a bit more relaxed. I don’t stress out when I have a zillion ideas, cause they look pretty!!! Joanna


    • Hey Emma!
      Thanks for stopping by. I am using a Teneues planner. I like it cause every week there is a notes page and a weekday page. I make little comments on the page with the days and loads of notes on the other page. I have just ordered a Happy planner to review!! What’s your favourite planner?


      • I’ll look them up for a nosy! Currently I am using the Passion Planner, before which I was a massive user of Filofax. I’ve seen one from Seeso that appeals greatly however they no longer make it. Sad faces!


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