The Greek salad vs. the Cretan salad

I thought that the Greek salad was an internationally recognised ‘dish’ but then when I went to the UK and saw a Greek salad in M& S I thought to myself, “huh?”.  I went home and started talking to my  flat mates about what goes in a Greek salad and the talk was quite ‘informative’. So, from a Greek person, here is my Greek salad ‘recipe’ as an extra bonus, I am adding the Cretan version cause I live in Crete!

Typical Greek salad

2 or 3 large tomatoes

2 or 3 cucumbers

a green pepper

some feta cheese

an onion


olive oil/ salt and oregano

Depending on how big or small you want your salad to be, you can add or use less of the ingredients mentioned earlier. Just cut everything up a few minutes before you want to eat it. Suggestion: Cut the tomatoes up in the bowl you will be serving so all the juices stay in the bowl when you add all the other ingredients. Sea salt is tastier than normal salt. Make sure you have some bread as well to dip in the salad’s jouices!

Cretan salad

Same ingredients but instead of feta cheese use goat’s cheese.

Now, some things you may want to add to make your salad more yummy.

Boiled potatoes (which you slice up into smaller (cubes)


Paximadi (dried bread)

Some people add egg. I also add grated carrot.

Random fact: Cucumbers and tomatoes are considered fruits because they have seeds, so the Greek salad is actually a… fruit salad    🙂

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4 thoughts on “The Greek salad vs. the Cretan salad

  1. LOVE Greek salad!!! When I lived on Lesbos I remember the wonderful cucumbers, almost sweet & very different to those available in the UK………. made the salad extra special & also the tsatziki!!


  2. Thank you for explaining the essential differences between the two salads. Although I’ve holidayed before in Crete this time is the first I’ve had the Cretan salad and I’ve loved it!
    I’ve had all the ingredients you described with the exception of carrots.
    Also do you have any recommendations for any particular goats cheese which would be successful and available in uk/ Ireland there are many brands out there! Many thanks for the recipes!


    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately I do not have any goats cheese suggestions. I will have a look though and see if I can find something interesting. Because I live in Crete most of the year, the goats cheese we use is from local produce!!
      xx Jo


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