Primark haul:autumn 2018

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I did some shopping. I bought knits. A lot of them 😜😜

Primark haul

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Doing #Vlogtober and a Giveaway

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I am doing Vlogtober on my YouTube channel. I would love it if you checked out my two Vlogtober videos.
The first one is me talking about my Vlogtober plans. I will do it a bit differently. Coz my life is not full of trips and PR hauls, I will vlog every other day and then have normal content as well. I will be sharing videos from Monday to Friday.
The other video I shared was mu September favourites

Products I talk about are
Elf no budge eye shadow sticks. I loooooove them
No7 eye shadow stick in gunmetal.
Golden rose nail strengthener (if you get your nails done with gel all the time, you need to watch what my nail artist told me).

Una Brennan daily moisturiser (radiant). It smells so nice!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹Oh! It does a good job as well!!

Sophie X Highlighter palette. My Becca Opal highlighter broke into pieces. I am so happy with my new purchase!

Chanel Mademoiselle Coco. This has been an oldie but goodie.
OK, so if you would like to watch my video and hear details about everything, please do so. I am trying to hit the 1000 subscribers YouTube benchmark. So, if you watch and subscribe…. thank you xxx

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Hang on…. If you are in the UK, you should check out my foundation giveaway video. It is actually a makeup haul.

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Current skincare faves

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I am sooooo busy this week. Trying to juggle work, life and making videos. I just posted a video about my skincare faves and because it is almost bedtime and you want something to watch before you


Here you go. Check out my skincare faves if you are in your 40s, have sensitive skin, have a bit of rosacea or just love watching skincare type videos. I talk about face and body. I mention well known products and other not so well know products.

OK and I am 5 subscribers away from 200 (sooooo pls watch and subscribe :))


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6 Makeup Travel Essentials: drugstore edition

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Weekend ahead and time to write a blog post. In today’s post I talk to you about my travel essentials 🚁🚉🚢🚀 I made two videos which I posted recently on my channel (it would be great if you checked them out and of course I will link them later on). I have affordable essentials and more high end makeup essentials.

Today’s post will be about the affordable travel essentials. I mention only 6 (that was the number I gave myself!

Let’s start with affordable faves.
Rimmel matte Liquid Lippies
I love these liquid lippies because they are matte, long lasting and do not make my lips feel dry. Hang on though, if you put too much lippie on, it will crack and look yucky!

L’oreal Lash Paradise Extatic
This mascara makes your lashes look really long and stand out-ish but it does dry up quickly. I also think it is pricey for the time it lasts. I do think it is a good mascara though and the one I am currently using and took with me.

Revlon Cream Eye Shadow

If you are looking for a pigmented cream eyeshadow, you should check this one out. In the video you will see the gold colour I have.

Beauty Sponges
I forgot to take my beauty sponge with me when I was traveling, so I went and bought a new one. I got it from H&M. It is great value for money and does the job.
E.l.f liquid eye shadow
I love the E.l.f. liquid eye shadows. They are very shiny and pigmented, long lasting and really easy to apply.
E.l.f eye shadow sticks (metallic)
I love these sticks (I have a video with swatches and the lots coming up, so check out my channel).

I took a lot of them with me when I went to Greece. They are easy to apply, pigmented and affordable.

My video

My high end travel essentials

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Chatting about makeup and being colourblind

Yesterday was colour blind awaress day and I tried to do that. Raise awareness. The main focus was on students who are colour blind, but I did post a video about my whole makeup application process and what I, as an achromat, find difficult.



I cannot pick a shade for my skin. Whatever I use is based on what a makeup artist or sales assistant has chosen for me. I am OK with that. They are helpful. I can see if the foundation/ concealer is full or medium coverage, but I cannot see if it goes orange, if it is a cool or warm undertone.

Eye shadows

I cannot see the colours. I mean, I can see them, but not really “see” them the way you do. That is why I have ranted over and over about cosmetics companies and how they name their products. I need a clear colour name. Dark brown, light shimmery pink. What I do not need is a name like showery rainbow or unicorn breathe. That says nothing to me. It does not help me buy an eye shadow and in all fairness, it drives me away from purchasing a product with a random name. Now, as far as pigmentation is concerned, the lighter the shade, the harder it is for me to see it on my eyelid.


Same as above. I have no idea what I am buying


I can see if it looks nice on me, or at least I think I can.

If you want to hear more about this, do watch my video, where I also talk about cb students and teachers.

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August faves: beauty & random ðŸ˜ðŸ˜


I am going to be



tooting me own horn

Here are my beauty faves and 2 random bits.

My video (please watch and it would be great if you gave me a chance and subbed❤❤❤)

Products mentioned

Benefit golden rush blush
Sephora amazing foam
Johnson’s baby lotion
Nivea After sun lotion
The Ordinary Natural hydration factors
M&S roll on HA
Nivea lip balm
Amy Cuddy Presence (book)
L’oreal mascara Extatic
Zara white cardigan

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The London Vlog: Transport & Fashion

Hi everyone!

I went to London a few weeks ago and had a lovely time.  I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) and also the London transport museum. I saw lots of fashion items at the V&A and really enjoyed looking at the clothes. The exhibition I saw was the fashion in nature and it was lovely. There were beautiful clothes made from all sorts of items that can be found in nature. Loads of weird stuff and some small animals had to suffer in the past as well (was not expecting that 😦 ).I also went to the transport museum and saw lots of vehicles that were used in the past. I saw buses, taxis and the first ever underground cabin. For more click here and do subscribe. It means a lot to me xx

This is the video

Thanks for watching!!

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