What’s in my bag: After Covid

How has what is in your everyday handbag been affected by Covid? My handbag contents have changed ever since that spikey little ball entered our lives and lockdown eased.


What is my bag?

I bought this lovely pale pink cross body bag from Amazon for sixteen pounds. It has loads of compartments and fits loads and some more.

What is in my bag?

Covid essentials

Hand sanitiser

Face covering



Other essentials

My phone which has such a pretty case (it also serves as a purse) is one of the first things I check and chuck into my bag (oh by the way, most of the things I mention are linked in my videos’ description box… Yeah… There is a video).


I have a little makeup pouch. In it I keep a clinique lippie, my Anthelios sun screen and my Maybelline Age rewind. These are the things that I take with me if I am not planning on going out for drinks and stuff!

Other things

An umbrella. We are in the UK. It rains.

My white stick coz, well, I use it to help me navigate and to let people know I cannot see.

My keys, paracetamol, my baby aspirin, a little mirror, a perfume.

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Plan with me Textured Butterfly Spread

Hi planner girls!

Today’s post is looking at one of my favourite planner layouts so far. I created a silver and gold layout which I think is so pretty and I am really happy with! I used stickers I got from the Range, a botanics craft paper and some skinny washi tape. The planner I am using is my happy planner.

You can check out how I made my spread by clicking on the video link. Here are some photos to start with

The thing about this spread is that I filmed a plan with me on the wrong week! That is why I used it for memory keeping.

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Amazon Haul:Must Haves/May 2020

Hi lovelies!!

Hope you are all staying safe. I have done a bit of shopping the past few months and decided to film an Amazon haul/must haves.

I bought loads of stuff which I have put in categories. You will find items connected to beauty, the kitchen, tech stuff and books.

Soooo grab your tea or coffee, get comfy and check out my video x

Look Fantastic May 2020 Unboxing & Review

Hi Everyone!

I just received the May 2020 Look Fantastic beauty Box and I am really happy. You get all these lovely products (which you can see in my video) and may I say that I love this box. Compared to the Glossybox, I prefer it.

This box had a makeup microfibre cleansing cloth

A moisturiser that retails for 100 pounds!!

A borw gel

A lip balm


a Korres Face mask (I love Korres!!)

You should check out my video if you want a detailed show and tell. In my video I also tell you my thoughts about the products from the previous box and how much usage I got out of them!!

You can use my Look fantastic refferal Code to get a discount off your first box



Sorry this blog post is short and not that amazing, but i am tired. Hope you have time to watch my video and check out this amazing box!

Plan With Me: Using Washi Tape Only

Hi Everyone!

Today’s post is a planner related one. I love planning even though at the mo, I do not have that much to plan. It just keeps me sane.

What does?


What’s Glamplanning?

Well it is like creative journalling. You use stickers, washi tape and loads more to decorate your planner.

This is what my planner spread looked like.

I filmed a video and I have linked it at the end of this blog post.

My Planning Method

I decorated my May 2020 spread and just put in important bill dates. I wrote down the date and amount of each one of my direct debits. I did this in a small note pad. Then the fun started.

Time to decorate/ Glamplan

Before we start I shall tell you what I used:

White adhesive labels

Washi Tape

My Happy planner

That’s it. I only used washi tape!!!

I started by covering all the colourful stars at the top of the May monthly spread. I used white label stickers. They are wide.

When I first received this packet of washi tape, I was not that sure that I would be using it especially as everything looked so similar. Then I decided to make a spread using only washi tape. The one I am using is this one Multi Pattern decorative washi tape (shown in the pictures above).

The spread turned out really nice. I am so pleased with it.

This is my video. If you like what you see, please give it a thumbs up.

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March Favourites: Beauty & Random

Hi everyone!!!

I hope you are all well. Staying safe and sane. Let’s talk about something fun and light. Makeup. Beauty. Random stuff. TV and kitchenware.

What were your March faves on lock down? I had a few and made a video. https://youtu.be/Q6Y4wqjoH0A

What are my March Favourites?

My adorable mushroom brush. You just brush the top of the mushroom and it gets squeaky clean. I didn’t know I needed one of these!! So cute as well. Kinda reminds me of the smurfs (US link here).

My Favourite lippies this month. MaxFactor Elixir in pink brandy andRosewood. If you have not tried these, you need to. They are very nourishing and balmy. They do not last all day, but you can just put it in your bag and use it again.

If you suffer from headaches and don’t always want to take paracetamol, you may want to check out this 4 head balm. It is for headaches. When you first use it, it is a bit tingly, but it works for me when my headaches are minor.

No7 Blush in apricot blossom (US link here). This is such a beautiful blush. Great for spring/ summer.

I really love my perfume. It has a rosey/ powdery scent. What am I talking about? Armani Diamond Rose perfume. If you are in the US, you can check it out here.

I have been a bit better with my skincare and using body lotion. Dry skin is not the look I am going for. I got a lovely lotion for Christmas and have been using it ever since. I am talking about the Sanctuary Spa lotion (similar packaging to what I show in my video, same scent though)

My Babyliss Stuff

I love my new hairdryer. It dries my hair very quickly. It is light and not too expensive (30 quid, not bad for a full size hairdryer. You can check it out here. If you want to buy a new straightener, find one that has a wide ceramic plate. Mine has very wides ones which makes it very easy to straighten your hair. It helps you finish quickly and your hair stays straight for a few days, so no need to use it again the next day. My Babyliss straightener is one I highly recommend.

OK, so you made it to the end of this blog post. How about watching my video?

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A Day in Isolation// Lockdown

Hi lovelies!How are you hanging in there? We’ve got this. We just need to stay put and carry on.I filmed a vlog where I show you my lock down skincare routine (not that it is different to my non lock down routine).I show you my amazing salad (which has figs in it) and some of the products I used that day around the house.If you want to check out my vlog, please do. I am not as boring as my blog post might sound… or am I?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2sbWoyHf0o&t=166sHave a lovely day. Stay strong.See you soon and stay safexxx

January Favourites and a Giveaway

Hi lovelies!!

Two posts in a day?? Wow!! Well, I shared a video I filmed on my YouTube channel and thought I’d share it here too.

My January/Current Favourites

In this video I share with you all my favourites and I also do my Giveaway. This Giveaway was meant to be for Xmas, but I was unable to film it, so I am doing it now.

My Favourites

I have been loving loads of stuff but what I talk about are mostly skincare and beauty. I also talk about a book, food and a gadget (you need this in your life).

Beauty Favourites

I talk about my fave lippie, perfume, conealer and eyeshadow.


Well, moisture surge and No7 serum get a mention.


I read the book the Tattooist of Auschwitz. I liked it, but have a few comments about the narrator. I tell you about the salad topper I am currently loving and finally the clothes pilling shaver. I really like this gadget!!! Makes your jumpers look brand new!!!


My Giveaway is big and it is on my Youtube channel. To enter you need to head over there.

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3 Lunch Box Ideas

Hi lovelies!

Are you struggling to find ideas on what to take to work for lunch? I hear ya. That is why I filmed a video with my 3 lunchbox ideas.

I always take lunch to work. It is my way to save money. You see, we have a microwave at work, so we can heat things up. No excuse. Also, I live next to Superdrug, so I try to save money to buy more stuffs 😜.

What’s in my lunch box?

I usually take lots of snacks like fruit (fresh and dried), pretzels, cookies etc. I like to have a variety of snacks, so I can eat what I feel like when at work.

In this video I talk about salads and frozen foods. I also show you some other essentials that go in my lunch box/bag.

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Sooooo, that’s all for now. See you in my next post.