Story time: How to register as partially sighted

I registered as partially sighted.All these years I have had difficulty seeing, but I hadn’t really done anything about it. In the UK, people with low vision can register as partially sighted or blind. I fall in the partially sighted category.
What does that mean?

I cannot see well (at all). I struggle with my vision, but i do get by.
I know I have shared with you my colourblindness, but i have not talked about nystagmus which has to do with a wonky iris. That is why I cannot see. No matter what glasses I wear, I still cannot see. I mean, I can see, but not well.
My boyfriend has to read whatever is written on the TV (subtitles).
I cannot read the Bus numbers until it is too late.
My computer needs to be right in front of my face.
If I see someone I know walking down the street, I probably won’t talk to them.
How to register
The process was quite easy. I got referred to a hospital by my GP, and had a special ofthalmological test. Then I talked to the ofthalmologist who confirmed that I fall into the ‘partially sighted’ column. Forms were filled in. I was then referred to various charities that offer help.
Well, as someone who is partially sighted, I am entitled to free bus travel and disabled person’s railcard. Yeap. Let’s take a moment now, while I am grateful for the free bus pass (you see, I cannot drive), it is only valid after 9. So, do the people who give me this card assume that I do not work? My work starts at 9, but I cannot use my card before 9. Hmmmmmmm (rant over).
Interesting conversation
When I went to the social worker to register, she asked me if I wanted to register because some people don’t. I wonder why? Why would you not register?
I just posted a video about this, so do check it out if you would like to hear more about my story.
If you have a disability, why not register and get the help you need?
What do you guys think? Have you had the same experience as me?


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