How to make a Business Card for your Blog

Hi everyone!

I decided to get a business card after a lot of thought. I say after a lot of thought because the whole idea seemed silly to me. Why silly? Well, I have a small blog, not that many followers and I spend most of the year in Greece. I blog in English. I mean, how many chances will I have to actually use the card? Then, I was asked to supply a media kit, got taken on as a writer, I got my first actual partnership with Uber UK, and I will be actually living in the UK for the next 3 months, so I started thinking more seriously about the whole business card business. Then I realised that I will definitely need one since I will be attending a bloggers’ ball in June, a bloggers’ conference in July. I took the plunge and made my card.

How to make a blog business Card Pin.jpg

Business Card vs. Media Kit

I have a media kit, which is 2/3 pages long. That’s too much paper to carry around. A business card is more practical and you can give it to anyone who wants your contact details. Then , you can email your media kit.

My thought process behind my card

Step 1

I googled bloggers business cards and saw what other people put on their cards. Unlike a media kit, a business card is more about connecting you to whoever wants your contact details.

Step 2

Decisions, decisions, decisions: One-sided or two-sided?

I went with two-sided. One side would have my face, my blog’s address and what I like to write about. The other side would have my social media handles/ details on how to find me.

Step 3


I wanted something fun, girly but chic. My blog has the word PINK in it and polka dots, so that was going to be my theme. Now, this is where it gets tricky. I am colourblind, so I cannot really tell the difference between pinks and what matches with what. So, I needed to get my card made by someone who I trusted which is where Irini (the card’s designer) came in. I was very specific with my colour palette. I said,

I want pink and white polka dots (I actually sent her the digital paper I wanted her to use) and I want the rest of the card to have shades of grey, pink , white and black. I want you to choose the shades and how they match.

I wanted to use the Lucinda handwritten font. I also found some royalty free social media icons I liked and said that I would like to use these. Irini put everything together and this is the result.

Blogger Business Card.jpg

You can find Irini on Facebook, by pressing here. She speaks English so feel free to contact her if you like her work. She is great to work with! She makes lots of things (cards, pamphlets, wedding invites etc.).

On hindsight I realise that there may be a bit too much of a match-y match-y polka dot theme going on (my blouse matches the polka dot background by mistake), but I like it. It’s me. So, that’s how I cam up with my business card. You can read about my media kit here.

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Talk soon!




9 thoughts on “How to make a Business Card for your Blog

  1. Cute! I went to a blogging conference a couple years ago, and didn’t have time to order blog business cards, so I handmade enough to give out. It was fun coming up with a design!


  2. Such a cute card! I made business cards for my pervious blog because I had a blog conference & like you said it’s a great way to just share contacts. My was very similar to yours just simple but fun and playful. I love the way yours turned out.


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