January favourites: beauty and a whole lot of randoms

I know I have said that I will be writing posts about all the things I love and I will call these posts #Feb ❤ s. Today’s post is a more collective #Feb ❤ post. I will tell you about lots of stuff I love using, reading, listening to this month. There is a lot of randomness in today’s post, so here goes my first #monthlyfavourites post.

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❤ Chanel Mademoiselle

This is my all time favourite going out perfume. I spray it in the air and walk into the mist. It is long-lasting and smells so nice. A sophisticated oriental smell. You really need to check it out next time you are at Sephora.


❤ Hand Cream

I love the Soap and Glory Hand food cream. It is very moisturising and smells so fresh. My student loved it so much when I put it on my hands that she asked if I could give it to her and I did. It’s amazing.

soap and

❤ Lip stick

I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the H & M lipsticks. They feel fine on the lips and they are long-lasting. I have been wearing three shades for some weeks now. I really like Fancy Freesia which is a hot pink, Ablaze which is a beautiful orange-red ( I have got loads of complies for this one) and Seashell which is a nude shade.


❤ Castor Oil

I got this from the pharmacy. I put it on my eyebrows before I go to bed. Castor Oil is what my beautician suggested I use to thicken the sparse hair on my eyebrows. It is a very thick fluid with an odour that is… eh… OK- ish. I have not seen any changes yet, but I will keep you updated (haven’t been using it for that long).

❤ Brush

I use this tiny blending brush to apply my eyeshadow. It is from H & M and it is the small shading brush. I love it cause I am a bit clumsy with my eye makeup. When I use this, I  get to control the amount of eye shadow I use. I have already stocked up on this one.


❤ Nails

I really loved my O-P-I nail polish. I wore it throughout the holidays and after. It’s from the range Infinite shine and it’s the colour Relentless Ruby.

I have also been using the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Nail Strengthener. Yes, my nails are stronger. This one does work and this coming from someone with very frail nails! This is a must for anyone who is looking to get stronger nails. *You can get it here. The Sally Hansen Insta Dri is my best ever top coat. I love it. I am never going to change it. It dries so quickly!!


❤ Mirror

I can’t see well so applying makeup can be quite difficult. I finally decided I needed a magnifying mirror. I go one. My life is much easier now. Of course, I get to see every little ugly spot etc. etc.,  but I in this phrase the key word is I get to see……


❤ Book

The company I work for sent me this book and I loved it. I mean it makes me want to do things, be productive, look closely at my work/life and make lists. Seriously, if you struggle with productivity, you need to read this book. It is very small and talks about 50 models for strategic thinking. At the end of the book, there are pages where you can practice the models! I read it in one day! So, what’s this book called already?

It’s the Decision book: Fifty models for strategic thinking by Krogerus and Tschappeler. My favourite acronym from the unit about pursuing goals and  distinguishing between final goals and performance goals is this one,

KISS: Keep it simple, Stupid

(Krogerus and Tschappeler, 2011)

meaning (to me) keep your goals simple and achievable.


*You can get it here.

❤ Gadget

I used this book light while I was reading my book. I have very poor eyesight and this is a good gadget to use. I clip it on the book and the light falls on the page I am reading. What’s more, the packaging had the colour of the product (pink) which is why I couldn’t resist getting this brand. Anyone who makes it easier for colour blind people like me to shop is really appreciated. The brand is called Tiny. *You can find it  here.


❤ Articles

I read two articles online and I want to share them with you.

Migrant Crisis: Greek Islanders welcome Nobel nomination.

Greece has played a pivotal role in the rescue process of the Syrian refugees. Every day thousands of refugees, in their struggle to get a better life, end up on the shores of a Greek island. This has been very difficult but also rewarding for the Greek islanders on the islands of Kos and Lesvos and these islanders have been nominated for the Nobel Prize. This article was one of my favourites this month. You can read the BBC article here.

The article that I read and thought, “OMFreakinG” was about the picture of a potato and how much it sold for. My students loved this one. You can read that article here (please sit down before you do :p).

❤ Song

I listen to Selena Gomez when I blog. It just helps me chill. One of my favourites is “Come and Get it”.

❤ TV show

Suits is back on. Wohooo!

So, there you have it. My January favourites. I have never written one of these posts, so any feedback is welcome. Please leave a comment below with the things you think I should check out.

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28 thoughts on “January favourites: beauty and a whole lot of randoms

  1. I also love Chanel Mademoiselle (along with Narciso Rodriguez) as my ‘going out wintry fragrance’, fabulous! I also have the same pink mini light which is great! Will have to check out H&M lipsticks next time I’m in town as I’m always looking for good quality lipsticks at a less than top-end price point.
    Interesting article re Greek volunteers; I used to live on Lesvos & can only imagine how difficult it must be for the island to cope with the huge number of migrants arriving daily; they definitely don’t have the infrastructure to deal with such a massive issue. Kudos to the local & other Greek people who are demonstrating such generosity & human kindness, they definitely deserve recognition for their efforts.
    As for books, I’m all about healthy eating this year (Deliciously Ella & Amelia Freer I love!) but, as a TEFL teacher I would love ideas on how to reduce the amount of printed paper (copies of worksheets, practice tests, activities etc) I have to file/store in boxes here at home (most are re-used several times) as I currently feel it’s completely taken over my office area………………….any suggestions very welcome!!!


  2. What a great idea. Chanel perfume reminds me of my Mom, its the only perfume she loves… until my Dad over did it with a bottle each birthday, valentines and any occasion really! 🙂 I will check out the Selena Gomez song. I am a bit out of touch with non-Japanese music, so its good to get some suggestions.


  3. Oh I’ve been debating on the Soap and Glory Hand cream, good to know it’s a great product! I love the Selena Gomez song too!!


  4. I love custor oil! Using on my hair once a week and on my lushes twice a week. Last oktober I had short hair like Miley Cyrus and now my hair is touching my shoulders. But! I had curly hair and I used to straightening but now I do not have to anymore because my hair is straight. ??? Why is changed? Because the custor oil or because I had that very short haircut? Never mind. I love it 🙂


  5. I love pretty much ANY Chanel fragrance – mmmmm, great choice. I really enjoy H & M, so I was excited to see you liked their lipsticks! I’ve never tried them but am definitely going to pick some up. Thanks for the great suggestion.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sure! Write one! So many people write favourites! Unfotunately,I cannot take credit for the idea ☺☺Thanks for stopping by! Oh and let me know when you post!


  6. This list gave me the feel goods and inspired me. Also, I’m a huge Chanel fan (I wear their Chance line). I will definitely be looking into the book recommendation. 🙂


    • Hey Jess!!! I am on a little Greek island and we have the H&M makeup line and you cannot fgind it? Wow!! I like the Hand food luckily it does irritate my skin 🙂 Thanks for stopping by xx


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