Had a nite out? My makeup removing routine

I am forty. Yup, and I have neva, eva slept with makeup on my face. No matter how late it is or tired I am. I always remove my makeup. This post is not about how to clean your face though. Nope. I am going to talk about the steps I take to take makeup off after a night out. Some heavy-duty involved ladies, cause no makeup must be left on the face. So,

All products.jpg

❤ Step 1

Makeup remover wipes

I use a few wipes to take off the first layer of makeup. I use a couple. Not just one. My favourite facial wipes are Nivea facial wipes. Nivea is one of my favourite brands.*You can get them here.

❤ Step 2

depending on how heavy my makeup is, I use the Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil (nothing stays on) and most of the times… nothing does stay on.If there is a lot of makeup, I rub it gently on my face, and then rinse it off. But because this product leaves a bit of oily residue, which I do not like, I then also use The Body Shop Tea Tree facial wash or the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser (<3 This is my favourite soft facial wash. I love the smell. It is gentle. I just love it!! I use it in the mornings to wash my face as well. Unfortunately, I just ran out and need to get some more!!* You can get it here). I have written a review for the Tea Tree Facial wash. You can read that here.

If after the wipes, there is not that much wakeup on, I use my Bioderma make-up removing micelle solution for sensitive skin. So, basically,  I alternate between Sephora and Bioderma.

skin cleansers.jpg


Sometimes I have to use eye makeup remover as well and I am using the eye makeup remover from Erre Due (Italian brand).

❤ Step 3

Toner time! I use the Body Shop Invigorating Toner with pomegranate (signs of ageing).

❤ Step 4

My moisturiser.


So, lovelies. You really gotta take off your makeup and let your skin breathe!!

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4 thoughts on “Had a nite out? My makeup removing routine

  1. Joanna, I’m with you on the importance of never sleeping in make-up. I used to use Bioderma until I discovered Garnier micelar water which is much cheaper & does the job equally well!


    • Hey Kim!! I went the other way round. I started with Garnier and moved on to Bioderma. My skin reacts to the Garnier one (it dries up 😦 ).
      Thanks for stopping by!! Have a nice Sunday 😀 xx


  2. Great post! I’ve never used bioderma myself but have heard really good things about it! I always take my makeup off with lush 9-5 cleansed and also use a Micellar water. X
    Jen | borntoblend.blogspot.co.uk


    • Thank you!! I have never tried a lush cleanser (did try the lip exfoliator though!). I will check it out next time I am in the UK ( April :))!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 ❤


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