On the brink of 40? Oh man!!10 overgeneralisations to think about.

So, there are numerous urban myths and loads of overgeneralization about  when a woman turns 40. What she can or cannot do. What has/ will happen to her. Let’s see a few, let’s have a laugh, and let me, the almost 40-year-old, tell you what I think.



Things start falling apart (healthwise). Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about that. Unfortunately, there is some truth in that one though. I do know that I already have back and knee pains but I think that’s cause I am fat, not 40. You do need to start being even more serious about your gyno and other health-related issues though.


You need to invest in your skin care. No more creams labeled ‘first signs of aging’ for you gal. Nope. You actually gotta kick it up a notch. Get grown up skin care. But do you? I mean, for me, the best skin care breaks down to 5 things:

  • Good genes
  • Sleeping
  • Relaxing
  • Not stressing
  • Drinking loads of water (mental note to self: drinking coffee does not count as water!).

Me glasses


You can’t lose weight the way you used to. Yeah. It is harder, but not impossible. Cutting down on the chips does help (mental note to myself. Stop eating junk food).


Your biological clock is ticking like crazy. Ummm. Nope. Mine isn’t. I love kids, but I don’t look at them with envy. I do not worry about not having children. I actually think that this is cause I am around kids all the time (I am a teacher) and I have a good relationship with my ‘kids’ (students).


Single? Not married? Something is wrong with you. If you are not married by 40, you probably never will be. Or you will probably find another poor soul who has something wrong with him (:p).Oh and what’s worse? You may now be called a freakin….. ‘spinster’. Really? Nope. It just means that you were:

  • In the wrong place at the wrong time (the ‘one’ wasn’t there with ya).
  • You have been busy with other stuff.
  • You have had relationships but you didn’t wanna marry those dudes.
  • You are at an age where compromising is really, really hard.
  • You were just unlucky.


  • You just don’t wanna get married!



You can afford big girl stuff. Hmm. I guess you can. I see 20 year olds wearing designer bags and I am still buying from Zara? Well, yeah.While I would love a Chanel or Mulberry, there is no way I am gonna spend a fortune on them. I prefer to travel. And anyways, I am a teacher for God’s sake. We are underpaid!


Your going out stamina is the same as when you were 20. Yeah…. Ummm…. Nope. I, for one, need a whole day to recover from a hang over. I sleep all day after a night out late.

Pins 40s


You’re 40, you can’t like girlie stuff. You are mature. Yeah right! I like stickers, fluffy stuff, pink. I draw a line here. If all the other overgeneralization may/do have some truth in them,this one doesn’t!! It can’t!!


You start freaking out about your age when you turn 40. Hell yeah!!! Haha. This one is (this one as in….. me).


You are more wise. You have your crap sorted out. Yeah……. Nah……


Oh! Just forget about the overgeneralizations. Life is short. 40 is just a number. Have fun. I know I am.

Christmas pic 1

This was written on the 2nd of January. The 8th of January is my big 4/0. I’ll let you know how I feel then :). Check out my latest post on how to glow and look natural at …. 40  (I know. I know. It’s just a number).

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Happy Bday to all the other cappies out there!




13 thoughts on “On the brink of 40? Oh man!!10 overgeneralisations to think about.

  1. Happy early birthday! I love your outlook on all of these ridiculous over-generalizations! You seem very happy with your life and that means more than any number could ever take from you!


    • Oh!! Thanks for the bday wishes!! That’s such a lovely thing to say. Yeah!Just a number. No need to freak out about it (I am telling myself :p). Thanks for stopping by xx


    • I think it’s just that people assume that everyone wants to have kids. I love them but I am not crying over not having one (yet!).


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  3. Thanks so much!!! I think all of us 39 year olds are on the same page or at least in the same book!! 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by ❤ ❤


    • Yeap!! It doesn’t! It would be cool if it did tho!!! I always have a big class of water next to me when I am teaching online!!!


  4. Enjoy your birthday Joanna! I had a chuckle at your comments & agree with so many of them. Remember you’ll never be as young as you are today! Your skin is so beautiful, lucky you!


    • Thanks Kim!! I know. Today I am younger than what I will be tomorrow! Eh! What can ya do? 40 is just a number (yeah right!!!! Oh man!!!!) xx


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