(In your 40s) looking for a natural glow? My New Year’s Eve makeup look

Hi lovelies!

Happy 2016. I hope all of you had a lovely time and feel energised about new beginnings!!This is a new year. Let’s have some fun. Let’s talk about makeup up that looks natural, doesn’t budge and stuff I luv.

So, let me start by saying that I am not a makeup artist. I am a teacher and I like (understatement of the century) makeup. I keep things simple because I cannot see that well and cause I am colourblind. I was really happy with my New Year’s Eve makeup look and I thought I’d share what I used with you guys. This is not a makeup tutorial. It’s more like a New Year’s Eve favourites/going out look. So here goes.

vintage makeup.jpg

What did I use?

I was having a bit of a breakout which is why I needed coverage. It was New Year’s Eve which is why I wanted something to stick! I started off with priming. I put on some illuminating moisture lotion SPF 15 from Sanctuary Spa (I love this brand!). Then I put on Estee Lauder Matte perfecting Primer. Afterwards I moved on to concealers. I used the Max factor  Master touch under eye concealer and Erre Due Miracle Concealer (Greek Brand). I actually used the under eye concealer on some spots as well ( I am sure the makeup gurus are rolling their eyes at the moment).
For makeup I used my favourite. Estee Lauder Double wear (seriously this makeup does not budge-eva!). On top of that my Chanel health Glow Sheer Powder. I then sprayed my face with Vitamin E face mist (Body shop) which I use as a makeup setter.I waited for a bit. I then did a bit of contouring ArtDeco Bronzing Powder (limited edition). For blush, Benefit Rockateur and on top on that Erre Due Sparkling Powder for face and body (number 406) I put that on with a little fan brush. I then used a highlighter. Makeup Academy Undress your skin shimmer highlighter in iridescent gold. I put a bit of that in the corner of my eyes as well.

I moved on to eye shadow. Chanel 847 Envol (illusion d’ombre). Just on my eyelids. For mascara, of course, L’oreal and this time Mega volume Miss Magna. After the mascara the natural brow shaper in the colour rich brown by Bobbi Brown. My lipstick is H&M in the shade Fareham Brick. Finally, I used Charles Worthington London Shine Booster on my hair (love, love, love).

Close up.jpg

My look in pics

Do ignore the diabolical smile and the glaring eyes :p. I am not used to selfie taking and I dunno how to touch up stuff……


Just so you know. I am 40 years old and my skin is in good condition. So, there you have it. All that makeup and it looks like I was wearing no makeup :). This is the first time  I have written a post that focuses so heavily on makeup, so any feedback will be highly appreciated.

Now, this is the part where I beg for subscribers and followers etc. etc. But anyhow, here goes. Do follow my blog if you want to read more from me.Connect with me on Pinterest/ Twitter/ Instagram.Maybe even give my Facebook page some TLC?  Comments section is all yours. Thanks for reading.

Have a lovely day/night!



18 thoughts on “(In your 40s) looking for a natural glow? My New Year’s Eve makeup look

    • Yeap!! the big 40. Hehe. I blame it more on the genes than the skin care. Oh and always taking off my makeup!! I have never slept with makeup on!!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 xx


  1. How are you 40?! You look so young! Girl, you’re rocking it. I absolutely love how you did you makeup. It’s subtle but beautiful. Also, that lipstick is gorgeous! Such a wonderful choice! Sorry if this comment came through twice, I forgot to log in before commenting so I copied and pasted it just in case it didn’t go through haha.

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