What did I get from M & S? An itsy bitsy haul

I am going to Barcelona in November and will be presenting at a conference, so I was looking for something nice and serious (it’s a teacher conference). So, I went to Marcs and Spencer. I bought 3 blouses (all thin woolen) and I am sharing them here with you today in case you are looking for something similar.

Zigzag top

It is a long blouse (it goes below the bum. Am I allowed to say bum in a blog post? :p) and it is low cut in the front, so you probably need to wear something on the inside. I am going to pair it with a nice necklace and then I am sorted for outfit number one.


Black blouse

Now, the picture is not doing this one any justice. The lace details on the side and the fact that the back of the blouse is of another material (like a shirt) is what made me buy this one. And anyway, you always need a black blouse, don’t you?

black top

Bright Orange blouse

I thought a nice pop of colour would look great, so I got this. It is a nice soft wool and something I will definitely get a lot of wear out of.

cropped orange

Now because I like to be practical, I have taken a picture of the codes of these tops, so if you like them or want to check them out, all you need to do is show the tag and a lovely lady at M & S will help you find it.


TAGTag 2tag 3

Happy shopping lovelies.

Talk soon



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